FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Surface treatment in general and the SLF-niche of surface treatment in particular is a broad technical field which keeps constantly changing. So it is very difficult to stay aware of what is state of the art technology and required regulation today and and to separate between substantially important and insignificant information. This is particularly true if you don't work in this sector on a daily basis.
In order to assist your search for information regarding "our" surface treatment technology, we have set up this constantly growing Frequently-Asked-Questions section. Here we answer basic questions which arise very often in practice in order to give you a first orientation for your informational search. We also list the most important and most frequently consulted norms and regulations etc. which are to be considered when it comes to construction or operation of pre-treatment, blasting or paint spraying systems.
Should you require more in-depth information or want to provide feedback, please contact our specialists directly!