Paint dryers for industrial applications: Efficient drying of your workpieces

For a quick and efficient drying of your workpieces we supply paint dryers in which according to the convection principle heated air flows around the workpiece thus enabling a forced drying.
Paint dryers can also be designed as combined paint spraying and drying booths.

Different types of firing can be used:

  • Natural gas via gas surface burner (fired directly or indirectly)
  • Mineral oil
  • Electric heating register
  • Hot steam
  • Pump hot water

Individual paint dryer concept according to your requirement

Our drying booths are also planned, designed and manufactured according to your individual requirements. Our focus is always to generate n optimum workflow with the pre-treatment systems (cleaning, blasting), the subsequent coating and the conveyor technique.
If required, paint dryers can also be supplied in movable and/or telescopic design.

Wide range of application for SLF paint dryers:

Our paint dryers are used in numerous applications.
  • Drying of wet paints
  • Enamelling of powder coating
  • Adhesive water drying

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