Blasting large serial parts automatically by means of media blast robot

In order to achieve a more efficient and economical blasting of workpieces, particularly of large serial parts, we have developed the media blast robot ReCo-Blaster®, which in the meantime has well proven for different applications.

The media blast robot ReCo-Blaster® is practice approved

Our previous applications include the automated blasting of landing gears of air carriers, components for the wind energy sector or large serial parts for the conventional steel construction sector or the foundry industry.

Take the opportunity to optimise your process for the blasting of large serial parts

Under certain conditions the media blast robot can be integrated into your exisiting blastroom.

Switch to automated blasting now!

Advantages of the media blast robot:

  • multiply increased surface treatment rate by larger blast nozzle diameter and higher blasting pressure
  • consistent blasting quality and reproducible results by monitoring of all blasting parameters
  • very high working and process reliability
  • suitable for all types of blast media
  • continuous blasting process

Control options:

  • offline programming
  • handheld operating panel
  • air-conditioned and soundproofed operator cabin

The video shows a ReCo-Blaster® in operation in a steel construction company:


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