Our company was established in the year 1990. Initially we operated as a contract blasting and paint spraying shop under the name of Schlick Chemnitz Engineering GmbH in Chemnitz, and furthermore we distributed blast machines and paint spraying installations for the former Schlick-Group. Encouraged by the straight running success, we decided to build an own production shop with an office building in Mühlau near Chemnitz. We could already move into the new building in 1993. As well established and professional corrosion protection company and provided with the latest paint spraying and blast installations we have offered stationary and mobile contract services to our customers within Germany since then. Once started as a small team the staff has in the meanwhile increased to approximately 100 employees. Also our field of activity has expanded constantly within the years: Apart from operating the corrosion protection shop in Mühlau, we have in the meantime established in the designing, engineering and production of airblast machines and paint spraying systems as well as the often corresponding conveyor technique, particularly for large components.

In order to express our autonomy and dissociation from the Schlick Group which meanwhile had been sold to a US Group we renamed as SLF Oberflächentechnik GmbH in the year 2000.

Our shareholders, Horst-Dieter Schlick as well as the commercial Managing Director Fritz Gaidies emanate from the Schlick Group. The latter, Michael Bahlinghorst and Christian Gaidies, who were welcomed to the circle of shareholders beginning of 2012 and 2018 respectively, was the Managing Director of our company until the end of 2022. Therefore the experiences of surface treatment technology gained within many years are made available to our company.

In the next step we expanded into the Western region of Germany: In 2003 we founded a subsidiary which initially was located in the Westphalian Emsdetten, where we moved into a new factory building together with our partner company AGTOS (Manufacturer of wheelblast machines). Since then we have mutually offered a comprising range of systems for the surface treatment - from pre-treatment systems up to coating systems.

The increasing space requirement resulting from the dynamic development and the associated increasing number of employees required the relocation into a new domicile. For this reason we moved into the former Schlick factory building in Greven-Reckenfeld at the beginning of 2006, only a few hundred meters away from the previous location in Emsdetten. This location is now our Head Office, because in the course of the relocation the registered office was transferred from Mühlau to Greven-Reckenfeld.

After ten years in this location including a two years construction phase, in summer of 2016 we moved with our head office back to Emsdetten again. In close proximity to AGTOS we purchased a property with a size of 22,000 m² where a hall with about 3,000 m² for manufacturing, assembling and storing as well as a three-storey office building with an area of about 1,500 m² was erected. In 2022 we built a new warehouse, thus extending our production and storage capacities in Emsdetten by 1,260 m². By this extension we pursue the growth plans of our company and are also able to optimally realize bigger orders.

All building parts can be expanded so that the future of our company is secured at the new location for years to come.