Safe and efficient treatment of large components with the help of a lifting platform

With our mobile scissors-type lifting platforms you are able to travel freely inside your cleaning booths, blastrooms or paint spraying systems for reaching all sides of your workpiece.

Larger flexibility than using sidewall lifting platforms

In certain cases you can reach an even higher flexibility with our mobile lifting platforms than using our sidewall lifting platforms. Thanks to the scissors-type construction underneath the platform you are able to pass through doors and gates.

Increase ergonomics, safety, efficiency and flexibility in your production

You need professional advice about which type of lifting platform is the most suitable one for your project? Contact our sales engineers!

Optional equipment features of mobile scissors-type lifting platforms:

  • elevated rear wall as protection against risk of crushing
  • integration of safety and fall protection systems in the rear wall
  • system functions like sectional ventilation can be operated from the lifting platform
  • compressed air supply at the platform cage
  • illumination on the rear wall

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