Cleaning booths as stationary and telescopic system concepts

If you look for a powerful, thorough and also gentle cleaning of your workpieces as a preparation before paint spraying or after completed production, a cleaning booth from SLF, especially the telescopic variant with process water treatment unit, is a flexible, space-saving and economic choice.

High-pressure cleaning technique in the cleaning booth

Especially when water-based paints are used, the workpieces to be coated have to be released from oil, greases and dirt. For the cleaning of large and bulky components, our cleaning booths with high-pressures cleaning technique are suitable.

The cleaning process is performed in three steps: cleaning/degreasing, rinsing and drying. Special additives in the cleaning agent generate a temporary corrosion protection and enable the temporary storage of the workpieces.

Optimize the water consumption of your cleaning booth

During the cleaning process large quantities of waste water arise that can be discharged into the sewage system after being treated in a neutralisation or splitting plant.

Costs for additional cleaning concentrate can be saved and natural resources can be conserved with a reuse in a recirculation process. For the multiple use of the cleaning agent, foreign substances like oils, greases and dirt have to be removed to the greatest possible extent from the water. This is performed in our process water treatment unit.

If you look for a cleaning booth that works environmentally-friendly and cost-effective without having to compromise in terms of efficiency, contact us this very day!

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