Conversion of painting systems and paint dryers

Due to the current situation, ensuring process reliability in the painting process is a pressing topic for paint users in the event of a possible energy shortage. More than 90% of paint spraying plants currently use natural gas as an energy source in their systems and ovens (source: BesserLackieren edition-no. 12/2022).

The current threat of supply restrictions and the expectation of further extreme price increases for natural gas are therefore leading to a so far unknown increase in the risk of production standstills in painting systems and paint dryers for many companies.

Prioritisation of private households for the coming heating period has already been decided by politicians, which means that bottlenecks for industrial companies may become reality.

Alternative energy sources such as heating oil or the integration of electric heating registers can normally be realized without problems after a detailed examination of the conditions on site. If you have a district heating connection, or if you operate a combined heat and power plant or a wood chip heating system or something similar, the use of hot water heating registers is often a reasonable option.

Conversion from natural gas to LPG is also possible in most cases with rather little effort. We have already successfully implemented extensions of existing gas surface burners to include LPG operation. (Read more about our reference projects shortly here).

Generally, the existing natural gas-powered heating system can remain in the system and be used again when the general situation with regard to natural gas supply returns to normal.

Therefore, inform yourself in time about the technical possibilities of a conversion to ensure your production capability!

We will be happy to support you in determining the most suitable alternative to the existing heating of your systems via natural gas.  Feel free to contact us or use our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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